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Design Concept:

Screen is a unique home accessories, itself does not have special distinctive features, but the definition of the area and provide shielding function but let home life a sense of security, to provide space for indoor residential divided but remain open, and this gives screens become the most distinctive home accessories but also the most intimate role.

Materials and structure outline: 

Bamboo weaving is iconic of traditional techniques in oriental style. 


The design transfer this screen masking element, "weaving", through the application of craftsmanship of the leather, hexagonal shape special texture, to create interest sense. 

The materials and finishes are used throughout the collection: PELLE FRAU® NEST leather and Heritage leather stitched together with a dedicated edge, complement each other perfectly.

The inside complement of knitting is used PELLE FRAU® NEST leather with Azul Type color.


The outside complements of the stents are used  PELLE FRAU®  HERITAGE leather with the 110226 NeroType color.

Base bracket is made of stainless steel, in order to secure the top of the screen.

Appearance with the geometric circle as the main features, rounded shape and hope to bring home more of a homely space, thus reducing blunt rational linear elements.