Light is not just a luminaire but also a space-forming tool for space.

By refining the beauty of the light with geometric aesthetics.

With the combination of geometry and lighting, we design a luminaire as an interpretation of both rational and emotional.

The flexibility of OLED dresses the geometry with elegance, presenting the modern luminaire technology craftsmanship.

A stretchable light unit that allows users to customize their own geometry.

To make the geometry properties explicit, so FLEXIBLE GEOMETRY was designed in module way with a basic unit so that users can create their own geometry.

LG Geometry_Behance-02

LG Geometry_Behance-14

螢幕快照 2017-01-30 上午3.35.20

LG Geometry_Behance-05

LG Geometry_Behance-06

LG Geometry_Behance-03

LG Geometry_Behance-04

LG Geometry_Behance-07

LG Geometry_Behance-08

LG Geometry_Behance-09

LG Geometry_Behance-10

LG Geometry_Behance-11

LG Geometry_Behance-12

LG Geometry_Behance-13

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